Ladies and Gentlemen, meet LinkFM! MATBUS Officially Unveils Bus Wrap and Branding for its New Route.


MATBUS is announcing the official launch of LinkFM, its recently implemented fun, fast and free downtown circulator route connecting the communities of Fargo and Moorhead.

LinkFM is the result of considerable research into the best practices and marketing efforts of downtown circulator routes nationwide (in cities such as Dallas, Baltimore, Atlanta and Cincinnati), in addition to the development of partnerships with several local businesses and organizations.

The route was implemented on June 1 as part of a planned “soft start.” Since that time, the number of weekly passengers has increased steadily. With branding now in place, extensive outreach and advertising will be undertaken to further grow ridership.

LinkFM operates from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The route features a continuous loop with ten designated bus stops, starting and ending at the Moorhead Center Mall. LinkFM arrives every 12-15 minutes at each stop along its route and is within walking distance of numerous popular destinations. LinkFM is a fare-free route, and transfers are allowed onto other MATBUS routes. For more information or to view the route map, visit

A concept for a circulator route has been featured for several years in the Cities’ transit and parking plans as a strategy to make better use of thousands of existing public and private parking spaces. Also noted was the significance of a circulator in the revitalization of the downtowns, reduction of congestion and the continuing increase of ridership on MATBUS.

“Our downtowns and city cores are regenerating and the metro’s transportation culture is evolving; more people are walking, biking and now nearly 2.3 million annual riders utilize MATBUS. It’s a pleasure working with our Moorhead neighbors and the excellent MATBUS team creating this fun, fast and free route that will help reduce congestion, maximize parking and enable folks to park once, walk, bike or jump on LinkFM to enjoy all that both downtowns have to offer. It’s going to be so easy to find LinkFM; you’ll see it coming, hear it coming and want to jump aboard,” said Fargo City Commissioner Mike Williams.

By connecting communities, LinkFM is the perfect partner to help residents and visitors enjoy the downtowns’ eclectic shopping, arts, dining, and entertainment destinations, while eliminating parking concerns.

“This team created a brand that brought two communities even closer together. Working alongside incredibly talented people, I felt honored to be a part of it.   I hope this is just the beginning of a stronger relationship with the Fargo downtown team. Our metro community has so much potential! Great things happen when people work together,” remarked Moorhead Center Mall Manager Melissa Rademacher.

To differentiate it from other MATBUS routes, LinkFM has distinctive branding highlighted by a stand-alone logo and accompanying vibrant color scheme. The brand is utilized on a dedicated full bus wrap, unique bus stop signs and a website. Additionally, local talent will be encouraged to submit both visual and audio works of art to feature on the LinkFM bus. The visual art will be displayed on the interior ceiling panels of the bus, while the audio art will be showcased via the bus’ interior/exterior sound system. Interested artists can contact MATBUS at 701.241.8140 or

As a fun addition for riders, LinkFM features the following genres of music each week:

  • Monday — Pop (Top 40)
  • Tuesday — Rock & Alternative
  • Wednesday — Country
  • Thursday — Throwback Thursday (’80s, ’90s & ’00s)
  • Friday — Local Artists
  • Saturday — Shuffle

Several local vendors were utilized to make LinkFM possible, including the following:

  • Ian Dougan of Kandor Design, LLC of Fargo – LinkFM logo design
  • Bill Kensok of Custom Graphics, Inc. of Fargo – bus wrap design
  • Custom Graphics, Inc. of Fargo – production/installation of the bus wrap, in addition to the large banner on the MATBUS Center Downtown (GTC).
  • Dakota Fence’s 3D Specialties of Fargo – printing of bus stop signs.
  • Site on Sound – installation of vehicle’s interior and exterior audio system.

To encourage Street Fair attendees to use LinkFM, a second bus will be added to the route during the three-day event. This will slash any potential wait times in half, as a bus will be traveling by each stop twice as often (on average, a bus arriving every seven minutes).

To promote the larger MATBUS system, fares will be reduced to $1 for adults and $0.50 for elderly, disabled and youth on fixed routes for Thursday (July 16) and Friday (July 17). On Saturday (July 18), a Fare-Free Day will be offered on all fixed routes.


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Detour – Route 5

Due to road work on 20th Street South between 30th Avenue and 34th Avenue in Moorhead, Route 5 will make a minor detour for approximately 4 – 6 weeks beginning on July 14, 2015.

Route 5 will take 18th Street between 30th Avenue and Belsly Blvd and back on route.

Route 5 - 20 St & 30 Ave (Jul 15)


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No Bus Service July 4, 2015

Due to the Independence Day Holiday, there will be no bus service on Saturday, July 4, 2015 and the GTC will be closed.

Buses will resume service on Monday, July 6, 2015.


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Route 4 Detour (revised 6.19.2015)

Route 4 Detour – June 22 – July 6, 2015 (*Revised*)

Due to road work on 1st Avenue North in Moorhead between 14th Street and 15th Street, and road work on 9th Street North, between 3rd Avenue and 2nd Avenue, Route 4 will be detoured for approximately 10 days—weather permitting.

Route 4 will take: 1) 2nd Ave N from 14th St to Hwy 75, turn right on Highway 75 to Highway 10 and back on route; 2) 2nd Ave N between 11th St & 9th Street

The Churches United pick up will be to the north at the corner of 2nd Ave and 21st St.



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Route 2 Detour – 14th Street & 2nd Avenue

Due to work on 2nd Avenue South and 14th Street in Moorhead, Route 2 will be detoured for approximately 3 days beginning Tuesday June 16th.

Route 2 will take 3rd Avenue between 14th Street and 13th Street and back on route.


Route 2 - 14 St & 2 Ave S (web) cropped


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Special Olympics Torch Run detour

Due to the Special Olympics Torch Run on Monday June 15th, Route 9 will be detoured from approximately 4:00 pm – 6:45 pm.  See the map for details:


Torch Run - Jun 15


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Route 5 Detour on 30th Avenue South

Due to utility work on 30th Avenue, Route 5 will be detoured as follows:

Route 5: will take 32nd Avenue between 5th Street and 8th Street instead of 30th Avenue. (see map)

Last stop before the detour will be 32nd Avenue and 5th Street.
This detour will last approximately 1 week weather permitting.

Route 5 - 30 Ave (5 - 8 St) Jun 15 - cropped




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Event Detour on MATBUS Route 1

Due to the June Bug Fun Run, Route 1 will be detoured from approximately 9:00 am to 10:30 am as follows:

June Bug Run Jun 15


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Approved Moorhead MATBUS Route Changes

Route 5 Expansion and Changes to Saturday Timetables for Routes 1, 2, 3 & 5

Approved MATBUS route changes to become effective July 1, 2015, as follows:

Route 5 Expansion

  • Expansion of bus route further south in Moorhead
  • Village Green Loop eliminated
  • New stop at Grand Inn/Essentia Health Clinic
  • Route will pass near Reinertsen Elementary and the new Hornbacher’s Shopping Complex on 40th Ave S.

Saturday Timetables for Routes 1, 2, 3 & 5

  • One bus will travel on Routes 1 & 3 interlining at the Marriott shelter (consistent with weekday service)
  • One bus will travel on Routes 2 & 5 interlining at the Marriott shelter (consistent with weekday service)
  • Route 1 will begin its route at 7:15 AM from the Ground Transportation Center (GTC)
  • Route 3 will begin its route at 7:30 AM from the Marriott shelter
  • Route 5 will begin its route at 7:20 AM from the Days Inn
  • Route 2 will begin its route at 7:30 AM from the Marriott shelter

Approved maps and timetables can be found at the GTC or online at  The revised full schedule/map will be available on or near July 1st.

Approve Route 5 Map

FINAL Route 5 Timetable 7.1.15



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MATBUS Route 3 Detour

Beginning June 2, 2015, due to traffic signal improvements and turn lane additions on 12th Avenue South in Moorhead, Route 3 will be detoured as follows:

Route 3: Will take 20th Street between 12th Avenue and Hwy 10. It will then take Hwy 10 to Cashwise and back on route. (see map)

Alternative bus stops for this area are located on Route 3 at 21st Street & 4th Avenue South and on Route 9 at 34th Street & 12th Avenue South by Casey’s General Store.

This detour will last until possibly September.

Route 3--SE Main Jul 14 (web)



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