MATBUS Transitions To New STEM Building At NDSU, No Longer Serves Union Transit Hub

As of today (Thursday, January 7th), MATBUS began serving the new STEM Building on the NDSU campus using the dedicated “bus loop” off of University Drive North.  The STEM Building will be the new hub of MATBUS operations on the NDSU campus.  As a result, no MATBUS routes will serve the Administrative Avenue loop or the Memorial Union Transit Hub.  This impacts Routes 13, 13U, 33 and 34.  The Union Transit Hub (owned by NDSU) will be disassembled and removed in the Spring.  A new STEM Transit Hub will be installed in the next several weeks by NDSU.  In the meantime, there is a large waiting area inside of the STEM Building which can be used to wait for upcoming buses.  For real-bus tracking, check out  Remember – if you are accustomed to boarding buses at the Memorial Union, you will now need to board those buses at the STEM Building.  If you have any questions, please call the MATBUS Dispatch Line at 701.232.7500.