March 1st Approved Route Changes


The following MATBUS route changes were approved and will become effective on March 1, 2017.

Route 4 Change

  • Extend hours of operation until 11:15 PM (eliminating evening Route 7)
  • Shift service from 20th St. N. to 17th St. N. between 7th Ave. 7 13th Ave.

Route 7 Change

  • Route will be eliminated, replaced by Route 4 with service until 11:15 PM
  • Night Route 8 will service Hornbacher’s and MSUM

Route 8 Change

  • Will travel by Hornbacher’s and MSUM due to elimination of Route 7
  • No service on 8th St. S. between Main and 6th Ave.
  • No service on 6th Ave. S. between 8th St. & 11th St.

Route 5 Proposed Change

  • Changes have not been approved on Route 5.  Route 5 will continue on the current detour while further research is done to find an alternative solution.

Approved maps and timetables can be found at the GTC or online at